“Teach the text” is an approach to pre-school Sunday school curriculum that seeks to focus the lessons on what the biblical text is teaching.  This sounds straightforward enough, but in our experience many curricula do not do this.  They focus instead on behavior, values, or characters (role model heroes).  These curricula are not teaching wrong things—but they sometimes neglect the main point the text is teaching.  We want to be text-directed rather than driven by some other agenda that simply uses incidentals of the text to construct a lesson. 
Above all, the biblical text, as God’s revelation, wants to teach us about God.  In this God-centered approach behavior and values will eventually result from knowing God and seeking to be like him.  Our vision is that parents and teachers might be equipped to understand how the Bible works and be able to teach it faithfully.  As students come to know God and embrace the Bible’s teaching about God, they can understand the importance of imitating him in their lives.  Also included on this website is a curriculum developed to introduce middle-school students to basic Christian doctrine entitled “We Believe."
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